Main characters

A daring, rebellious, 15-year-old girl, Molly is a gifted pilot and mechanic, but also highly temperamental.

Determined to be reunited with her father, Don Wei, who sent her off to boarding school ten years ago, Molly keeps her true identity (“Eva”) hidden from him. The sudden accident of Rick, Earth Team’s number one pilot, will suddenly give her a chance to show Don what she’s made of…

Don Wei

A workaholic, both respected and feared by his crew, Don Wei is a man whose work is his great escape from a tragic past.

The unexpected promotion of Molly to main pilot will create a tense relationship between the team manager and this unpredictable new recruit…


A skilled gunner and a loyal team member, Jordan is the seventeen-year-old military cadet in charge of the defending the Whizzing Arrow during the races. The one thing Jordan can’t handle too well is women, and especially Molly. Though he tries to remain focused on the race, the young man will inexorably develop a soft spot for her…

The Whizzing Arrow

Almost a character in itself, the fast but ill-treated star-racer ship of the Earth Team faithfully accompanies our heroes through their adventures. Stan and Koji, the team mechanics will work ceaselessly on their “baby” to improve its performance – and repair the terrible attacks suffered in the races.

Prince Aikka

A dazzling archer endowed with magical powers, the handsome Prince of Nourasia rides a faithful giant beetle for a ship. Though he belongs to a rival team, Aikka will develop a deep bond of friendship with Molly. With Jordan however it’s a very different story…