Thanks to a long restauration process and to the outstanding support of more than 4000 fans during our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Oban fans and anime enthusiasts can now enjoy the award-winning Oban Star-Racers series for the very first time in its original HD FORMAT– the way it was always meant to be seen.

The 2nd good news is that these beautiful BLU-RAYS ARE STILL CURRENTLY IN STOCK! (see bottom page for order link)


The Blu-ray release comes in two different formats, REGULAR and COLLECTOR edition including:

– all 26 episodes on 5 discs (1080p, 4/3, 24f/s)

– 11 dubbed languages (English 5.1, French 5.1, Japanese, German, Dutch, Italian, Latin Spanish, Latin Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Turkish).

– English and French subtitles, including for hard of hearing

– more than two and a half hours of bonus features, including the remastered Oban Making of and a host of new featurettes!

– a REGION FREE format ensuring you can read the discs on any Blu-ray player (including Playstations 3/4/5)


And for the Collector edition only:

– a rigid slipcase

– a 5 panel digipack

– a 120 pages hardcover art-book

– a 41 x 33 cm poster

– 3 collector cards


As the stock of remaining Blu-rays gradually dwindles, don’t wait too long to be sure to get yours – and to benefit from our exclusive online bundles with the series’ 50 tracks digital soundtrack (available in both Flac and mp3 format) !


Delivery wise, please note our orders:

– are US and EU friendly (shipped locally from within the US or the EU) ensuring you won’t pay any extra tax or fees in those territories.

– will be packed and shipped at regular intervals, every two weeks or so (every month for the UK).